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God's heart for our kids

Equipped Kids

Equipped Kids is built to providing opportunities for children of all ages to understand they are loved by their Heavenly Father; that Jesus takes away all their sins and that the Holy Spirit is there to comfort, teach and encourage their hearts.
We teach these core values through worship,  creativity, bible exploration and lots of fun and games. Our team of leaders encourage conversations and questions which often lead to meaningful moments of deepening their faith in this wonderful God we serve.
Our Passion at Equipped is “Everyone is created for a purpose” and so we strive to help Equipped’s youngest members to know that they are as much a part of the church as their parents or guardians are, doing our best to open their eyes to the reality that they can apply their faith and be used by God no matter how old they are.

Equipped Youth

Equipped Youth was created to help every young person to become a passionate follower of Christ. By partnering with parents and trained leaders, our mission is to teach and inspire the next generation to be founded in their faith and sure of who they are in Jesus. Through regular Bible study, small group gatherings and a bit of fun and games, we encourage our young people to walk boldly towards Christ, apply His truth to their lives, and develop strong, life-changing relationships with the God of the universe. We want our students to know Jesus so that they might be excited about sharing His name and making Him known to others. We want our youth to know God has a great purpose for their lives now, no matter their age!
Equipped Church Men's Group

Equipped Men

Our Men's Times together center on gathering as 'sons of God', establishing who He made us to be, deepening our faith and understanding of the Bible and growing as believers in Christ. We also believe in learning to live a life modeled after Christ, impacting others with the power and truth of the Gospel in the workplace, at home and in the community. be honest, we love good food and coffee, so we find ourselves usually meeting over food and deepening our friendships!  Please come and join us.
Be sure to stay connected and visit the events page for upcoming events and meeting times. 

Equipped Women

Our ladies truly enjoy getting together to encourage and pray for one another, growing as 'daughters of God' and finding genuine security in being loved by God. We do many things together from enjoying a brunch, celebrating a baby shower and nurturing our relationships, all while spending time growing in our understanding of God's Word and purpose for our lives. Our ladies were created to impact the world for Christ, so these times certainly deepen that passion and stir our faith!  We welcome you to join us.
Be sure to check our our events page for any upcoming events!